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Modular or Manufactured

Many people wonder what the difference is between modular and a manufactured home and what is the best choice for them. The housing experts at Michigan Home Zone are well-versed in the pros of both options and would be glad to talk with you about it. Call us today at 844-742-0129.


Modular Homes: Typically constructed as ranches and two-story models, the building process conforms to rigid standards that meet or exceed all state and local building requirements. Once placed on a permanent foundation which can include a basement or crawl space, these homes are not intended to be moved. There is no steel frame and the home is brought to the site on a carrier and placed on its foundation with a crane or roll-on method.

Manufactured Homes: Like modular homes, manufactured homes can have custom features like finished drywall, raised roofs, porches and many are custom built ranch models. Designed to federal (HUD) code, manufactured homes can be placed throughout the state, unless local codes restrict them. Although they can be moved, most are placed on permanent foundations. Many of these are placed in a manufactured home community, but can also be set on private property, depending on local ordinances.

No matter if you choose a modular or manufactured home, both share distinct building practices that set them above site-built homes.

Building Indoors: Weather does not stop or slow the building process. Homes can be worked on year-round to control costs and unplanned work delays due to weather. Happy employees building in a climate-controlled facility give the customer a better home.

Building Using Consistent Labor: Home manufacturers employ skilled workers and Quality-Control Managers supervise every step of the building process to insure high standards of production and materials. Standardized tools and methods improve efficiency and lower costs to you, the customer.

Building Using Standardized Materials: Raw materials are stored in controlled plants and not subject to weather or availability issues. This reduces costs, re-do’s and build time while guaranteeing top-quality building consistency.